Monday, August 21, 2017

Runescape 2007 – How to Take Part in the Barbarian Assault

The Barbarian Assault is a Runescape 2007 multiplayer minigame. It is a combat activity but it's a safe one. Even if players die, they won't lose any items. Except for the tutorial, there are no other tasks that must be completed to access the minigame. Captain Cain is the NPC that serves as a game guide. After the tutorial is complete, players can join the Barbarian Assault. Players form a team of five members and fight against 10 mob waves and one boss. The monsters and the boss belong to the race called Penance. The Barbarian Assault is the only Runescape 2007 activity that allows players to fight against this type of creatures.

The 10 waves are fought in a specific order. The last enemy, the boss, is the Penance Queen herself. Each player will take a role and must know how to perform accordingly. The attacker will kill rangers, fighters, and inform the collector about the color of the eggs that have to be picked up. The collector will hoard eggs, put them into the hopper, and tell the attacker which items and attack types to use on the monsters. The defender is in charge of the traps, kites runner monsters into the traps, and tells the healer what food to use on the enemy healers. The healer uses the healing vial to heal teammates, uses poisoned food on the enemy healers, and tells the defender what lure to use for the runners. In the fight against the Queen, each role has one more duty. She can only be damaged with omega eggs. The attacker takes the eggs from the healer, puts spikes on them, and gives them to the defender. The defender puts the eggs in lava and gives them to the collector. The collector puts the eggs from the defender in the hopper and picks up eggs that are handed to the healer. The healer uses poison on these eggs and gives them to the attacker. There are five players and four roles. Each role must have an assigned player and there will be two players covering the same role. After each wave, players get honor points that are used to get equipment. The points can be also used as gambling currency for a chance to get the Penance Queen pet and a rare dragon chain body.

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